Top 5 August Happenings

This year’s summer may feel like October (we’re still blessed with 10 C and rain up here…), but luckily the weather isn’t the only factor defining the season. More important than the number of hours with sunshine and degrees above 20 C is the number of festivals and the amount of fun you can have attending them. Here’s our top 5 picks for the Tromsø area in August:

  1. Havnnesfestivalen
    Happening now! Havnnes, Uløy island, August 2nd-4th.
    Oh so much great music in oh such a beautiful place!

  2. Karlsøyfestivalen
    Karlsøy island, August 7th-12th

    Taking place at the small and stunningly beautiful Karlsøy island north of Tromsø, it’s alternative, hippie, colorful, different, genuine and not to be missed!

    “The Karlsoy festival is a special occasion where we gather together to resist and oppose a society with values based on profit, competition and greed. The festival is a protest against razing of the rural communities, environmental destruction and racial discrimination. It is a protest against colonization, exploitation and the brutal oppression of the worlds people.The festival is a gathering and a celebration of all the positive alternative forces. Its purpose is to reflect, recreate and promote these alternative forces which are fighting for a different and better world, a world characterised by solidarity, empathy and love.”

    Read the program here.

  3. Kalottspel
    Målselv, August 8th-12th
    Kalottspel is a folk music and dance festival which takes place in Målselv in the county of Troms. Traditional music and dance in the Arctic, engaging people from the northern areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and beyond. Great atmosphere!
  4. Døgnvill
    Tromsø, August 23rd-25th
    We look forward! Among others – First Aid Kit, Kent, Katie Melua, Pet Shop Boys, and the new and upcoming Tromsø band Cazadores, yeah!

  5. Ølfestivalen 
    Tromsø Beer Festival – Tromsø, August 15th-18th
    Maybe not our most favorite music, but hey, Bonnie Tyler (!) will be there along with a lot of beer right in the middle of the city centre – what’s not to like?!

Have you been to or are you going to any of these festivals? Feel free to share your personal favorites and recommendations with others below!

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