Silent film days

If you like film, Tromsø is a great place to be. Tromsø International Film Festival taking place every year in January (NOT TO BE MISSED!) is also in charge of the fantastic Silent Film Days happening every first weekend in September at Verdensteatret. Starting tomorrow, we’re looking forward to a great mix of old Soviet science fiction, Japanese surrealism, Chaplin, Keaton, communist satire and last year’s Oscar success The Artist, everything combined with live music in what has got to be one of the world’s most beautiful cinema theatres.

If you are in Tromsø – don’t miss it!
Also, if you’re in town and want 2 free tickets to the opening show Thursday at 18.00 – let us know! In what’s probably the world’s very first science fiction film, we’ll get to go on a trip to the moon – twice! First with Ben Model on piano, and then with the company of the brilliant Cleaning Women playing on trash bins, clotheshorses and washing machines. We’ll be there and we have 2 tickets to spare if you want to join. Hurray!

Check out the full program here:

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