Whale research: help identify a whale!

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Whale research: help identify a whale!


Since we have started offering whale safari trips, we thought we should educate ourselves a bit more on these amazing creatures of the sea. So currently we’re at an exciting whale research seminar dealing with the humpback whales and orcas that are currently feeding on herring in the fjords outside Tromsø. It’s super interesting and we look forward to share all our new knowledge with everyone who want to come whale watching with us!

We’ll just share the most exciting part right away though: Did you know that there are researchers up here (and in other parts of the world, too) who can identify different humpback individuals just by looking at the different shapes and colors of the whale’s tail? Isn’t that amazing?!

They do this by looking at photos of the whales, and if you are lucky enough to get a photo of the tail you can help them out!

Best of all, you get to follow ‘your’ whale on its journeys across the seas, provided that it shows up somewhere else where someone else photographs it. The resarches put all the photos in a database and give each individual a special number. That way they can ‘track’ their movements and learn about where they travel and when. The first photo above this text provides an example. Fascinating, right?

Want to help out?
More info in the photo below.

Also, if you’re out whale watching with us don’t forget to tag your instagram photos #bedandboat!


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