Student room offer – hybel til leie

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Student room offer – hybel til leie

Students of Tromsø! Are you looking for a room in Tromsø? På jakt etter hybel? Finding somewhere to live in Tromsø can be quite a challenge. We’d love to help out. Therefore we have put together a special student room offer – hybel til leie for en rimelig pris to help you out while you’re looking for somewhere more permanent to live.

Last year we rented out rooms in our Fisherman’s home for the whole of the fall semester. This year the rooms are let on a more short-term basis, and we have put together a flexible price list where you’ll get a cheaper price the longer you stay.

The prices are as follows:

SINGLE ROOM – 1 PERSON can stay here

1-3 nights: NOK 650 per night (= Standard price)
4-6 nights: NOK 585 per night (Save 10%)
1 week: NOK 3.640 (or NOK 520 per night – save 20%)
2 weeks: NOK 6.370 (or NOK 455 per night – save 30%)
3 weeks: NOK 7.560 (or NOK 360 per night – save 45%)
1 month: NOK 8.400 (or NOK 280 per night – save 57%)
2 months: NOK 7.200 per month (or NOK 240 per night – save 63%)

DOUBLE ROOM – 2 PERSONS can stay here and share the price

1-3 nights: NOK 950 per night (= Standard price)
4-6 nights: NOK 855 per night (Save 10%)
1 week: NOK 5.320 (or NOK 760 per night – save 20%)
2 weeks: NOK 9.310 (or NOK 665 per night – save 30%)
3 weeks: NOK 10.920 (or NOK 520 per night – save 45%)
1 month: NOK 12.300 (or NOK 410 per night – save 57%)
2 months: NOK 10.500 per month (or NOK 350 per night – save 63%)

Terms and conditions
  • All prices are subject to availability – first come, first served
  • All bookings need to be guaranteed by a valid credit card, and our cancellation policy apply
  • Payment is done at the latest on the day of check-in
  • No refunds are given after check-in (or if you cancel too late according to the cancellation policy).
  • The offers can’t be combined – that is to say you can’t wait and see how long you want to stay and then sum up the total amount of days in the end to get the corresponding discount. For example: if you book and pay for 1 week and then decide to stay another week you have to pay for 1 + 1 week. You will only get the 2 weeks discount if you book and pay for 2 weeks at once (This is by the way also the only way to you can make sure the room you want will actually be available for you for the period you want)
  • For 1- and 2 months rentals: No deposit is required, but you will be held accountable for any damage to the room / furniture / lack of cleaning when you move out and agree that we can invoice you accordingly if need be. A standard rental contract will be signed. 1- and 2 months rentals is to be paid by invoice (bank transfer) with a due date on or shortly after check-in
  • Shorter stays (<1 week) will be placed in our Writer’s home as long as there is availability – longer stays is for the Fisherman’s home only
  • Be nice to your housemates – please keep quiet after 23, please do your dishes and please don’t make a mess in the areas of the house that you share with others
What will you get?
  • Your own room – very nicely decorated
  • Everything you need in terms of the basics: all our rooms are equipped with a comfy bed, a desk for work, bookshelves and a closet for your clothes
  • Bed linens and towels can be rented from us for NOK 50,- per person
  • WiFi & electricity included
  • A fully equipped kitchen shared with the 3 other rooms in the house – there are good systems in place so you can keep track of your own food
  • A super-cozy living room shared with the others in the house
  • Fire place in the kitchen
  • A balcony attached to the living room overlooking the sea
  • A nice bathroom with 2 showers and two separate toilets
  • Washing machine and dryer in the bathroom
  • Dishwasher, fridge/freezer, stove, coffee maker, water kettle and microwave oven in the kitchen
  • A nice garden and a private stretch of beach for your morning viking bath (if you dare)
  • Direct bus to the university – Bus 33/34 passes by the house
  • New friends – you will share the house with 3-5 other people
  • A full list of facilities is found here
How to book the student room offer – hybel til leie

Simply send us an email with your dates and details and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


And if you’re still not convinced, take a look at photos of the house here, check out our reviews on TripAdvisor or drop us an email with any questions you may have.


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