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Announcement: Whale safari in Tromsø!

Announcement: Whale safari in Tromsø!
Jumping whales as seen from "Inna"

As if the gorgeous November light, the bright snow and the magnificent Aurora Borealis weren’t enough to rave about these days, the fjords around Tromsø are now filled with whales! Beautiful orcas and humpback whales have come in from the deep seas to feed on krill and herring. We’ve gone out to the fjords to check them out, and can tell you this: There are lots of them! And wait, it gets better: We’ll take you out to see them! Up really close! In our own boat!

Here’s the deal: We take you by car right from the doorstep of our Fisherman’s home or Writer’s home (depending on where you’re staying – and if you’re staying elsewhere we’ll pick you up wherever that is too). After a 20 minute drive we arrive at the boat out in Kaldford – the 30 feet “Inna” that will take us out really close to the whales. Your captain and guide will be Arnt, who will steer the boat safely and tell you everything you want to know about the sea, the life of the fish and how the whales hunt. Having grown up in a rather poor fisherman’s family a bit south of Tromsø just after the second world war, Arnt learnt early on pretty much everything there is to know about the ways of the cod and the currents and the krill and the seas, and he has more than 20 years experience of taking people out fishing – guiding, teaching and telling stories along the way.

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