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Top 5 August Happenings

This year’s summer may feel like October (we’re still blessed with 10 C and rain up here…), but luckily the weather isn’t the only factor defining the season. More important than the number of hours with sunshine and degrees above 20 C is the number of festivals and the amount of fun you can have attending them. Here’s our top 5 picks for the Tromsø area in August:

Havnnesfestivalen Happening now! Havnnes, Uløy island, August 2nd-4th. Oh so much great music in oh such a beautiful place! Karlsøyfestivalen Karlsøy island, August 7th-12th

Taking place at the small and stunningly beautiful Karlsøy island north of Tromsø, it’s alternative, hippie, colorful, different, genuine and not to be missed!

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The midnight sun left us for now. The midnight August magic is not a bad replacement, if you ask us. Photos taken last night from Sydspissen, a 2 km stroll from our place.

Welcome, August!